How Much We Spent in Granada, Spain for 2 Days

Andy and I weren’t really planning on going back to Granada on this trip. We visited a few years ago when we were staying in Sevilla for a month, so we didn’t feel like we needed to return. But we wanted to meet up with friends of ours who live in a village nearby, and Granada was the most logical place to meet up. Basically we spent our 2 days in Granada eating tapas, drinking, and hanging out with our friends. Here’s how much we spent in Granada.

how much we spent in Granada, Spain for 2 days
Wandering through Granada

Total Granada expenses

Amounts are listed in euros and US dollars.

124.20€ / $141.59 – accommodation
39.08€ / $44.55 – transportation
143.90€ / $164.05 – food and alcohol
0€ / $0 – activities
307.18€ / $350.19 – total

This does not include the cost of our bus tickets from Sevilla to Granada.

Total Granada hotel costs – $141.59

Since we were only in Granada for 2 days, we chose to book a hotel instead of an Airbnb. For short stays, I feel more comfortable with a hotel, especially since we planned on eating out the whole time anyway. Our hotel was centrally located, which made it easy to get around. For 2 nights in Granada, we spent about $70.80 per night, or $35.40 per person per night.

Where to stay in Granada, Spain

For our time in Granada, we booked 2 nights at the Eurostars Catedral Hotel. It was a really nice modern place with a comfortable bed and a luxurious bathroom. They even had a real hair dryer in the bathroom, which is always a plus. The hotel was right in the center of the city but still quiet. We ate a few meals at the restaurant (because we were feeling lazy) and the food was really tasty. I’m not sure we’ll return to Granada yet again, but if we do, I would stay here again.

Check out reviews on TripAdvisor or book a room on
where to stay in Granada Spain
Our hotel for 2 days in Granada was very comfortable

Total Granada transportation costs – $44.55

Like any city of reasonable size, Granada has a bus system. But the center is very walkable and we never felt the need to use public transportation. We did pay for a taxi from the bus station to our hotel when we arrived and again to get back to the bus station when we were leaving. The bus station is a little ways from the center, and a taxi felt like the best choice.

The bulk of the transport category is $27.68 for our bus tickets from Granada to Almeria.

Total Granada food and alcohol costs – $164.05

If you’re not a picky eater, you can spend your whole time in Granada eating tapas for next to nothing. When you go into a tapas bar in Granada, simply order a drink (wine, beer, or a non-alcoholic drink) and they will bring you some random tapas along with it, included in the price of the drink! If you are vegetarian or have a food allergy, you can let them know and they’ll try to accommodate you. But if you order something specific, you pay for the food and your drink.

We did this a few times with our friends, but I am a picky eater (so is Andy) so we also ordered specific things. And we ordered normal dinners at sit down restaurants a couple times when we just needed a change. Plus smoothies for breakfasts, some alcohol, and a few other random things.

So for 2 days in Granada, we spent about $82.03 per day, or $41.01 per person per day, on food and alcohol.

Granada travel costs tapas
Tapas are a great way to experience the food culture in Granada

Total Granada activities expenses – $0

Since this wasn’t our first time in Granada, we didn’t do a lot of tourist activities. But when we were in Granada a few years ago, we visited the Alhambra and took a tapas tour.

Andy and I took a tapas tour with Granada Tapas Tours, which was lots of fun and made us feel more comfortable with Granada’s way of doing tapas, which is a little different from other cities. Most of their tours are 40 euros per person.

If that one doesn’t work for you, this tapas walking tour in Granada looks good too and is similarly priced. Either way, I highly recommend booking a food tour for your first day if possible since it’ll help you enjoy the food for the rest of your stay.

Another thing you should absolutely do when you visit Granada is go to the Alhambra. It’s the most famous Moorish palace in Spain, and it’s really impressive.

Tickets sell out ahead of time and only a certain number of visitors are allowed in each day in order to protect the palace, so it’s important to book ahead. The official website lists several different options, so be sure to read them closely to understand what each ticket gives you access to.

If you plan on doing these activities in Granada, add another $50 or so per person to your travel budget.

Granada Spain travel expenses Alhambra
Just one part of the Alhambra – a must see while traveling in Granada

If you’re traveling to southern Spain, Granada is a must for your Andalusia itinerary. Two or three days is probably plenty to see the Alhambra and any other sights you’re interested in, enjoy a food tour, and fill up on tapas around the city.

We averaged about $175.10 per day, or $87.55 per person per day, for 2 days in Granada, Spain. I think we got a really good deal on the hotel, but you could stay in a hostel if you’re on a tight budget. And if you stick to tapas and beer or wine, you can easily spend less than we did on food. But don’t forget to add some activities costs to your Granada budget.

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