How Much We Spent in Sevilla, Spain for One Week

Sevilla is a wonderful city. I’ve been there several times now, and when Andy and I planned out our winter throughout southern Spain, I really thought Sevilla was going to be the winner, the city we would return to most winters to get some warmth. It came in at a close second, but it’s still a city I’d go back to again and again. Here’s how much we spent in Sevilla, Spain for one week.

how much we spent in Sevilla Spain for one week
Sevilla, Spain

Total Sevilla expenses

Amounts are listed in euros and US dollars.

465.72€ / $530.92 – accommodation
46.34€ / $52.83 – transportation
324.01€ / $369.37 – food and alcohol
182.00€ / $207.48 – activities
1,018.07€ / $1,160.60 – total

This does not include the cost of our train tickets from Malaga to Sevilla.

Total Sevilla lodging costs – $530.92

Sevilla Spain travel expenses where to stay
Where we stayed in Sevilla, Spain for one week

A few years ago when we spent a month in Sevilla, we put too much importance on price and ended up renting an apartment that was way too far from the center of the city. We felt isolated, and so we vowed not to do the same thing this time.

This time we found a place in the Triana neighborhood, which is across the river from Sevilla’s old town but still walking distance. It was a fun place to stay, but ultimately still not where we’d want to be if we chose to spend 2-3 months there in the winter. The area is great if you want something just a little outside the main touristy center but still with plenty of tourist infrastructure.

For one week in Sevilla, we averaged about $75.84 per night, or $37.92 per person per night.

Where to stay in Sevilla, Spain

where to stay in Sevilla Spain
Just one section of the shared, two-level rooftop terrace

We rented this apartment through Airbnb. (If you’re new to Airbnb, click here for a credit towards your first booking, and I’ll get one too.)

It was by far the smallest apartment we rented during our whole trip. We could tell that from the photos, so we knew what we were getting into, but yeah, it was small. And on the ground floor, which meant it didn’t get much light. It’s probably wonderful in the summer when it’s too hot outside to want lots of sunlight coming it.

The bed was one of the more comfortable ones of our trip. The bathroom was nice and had a good shower. The kitchen was tiny, so we didn’t cook much there, but we always ate breakfast in, plus a couple other meals.

The building has a shared, two-level rooftop terrace, which was really pretty. We didn’t spend much time up there because it was still a bit too chilly in the evenings, and we were working or exploring during the day. But I bet it would be fantastic to hang out up there in the evenings 9 months of the year.

Total Sevilla transportation costs – $52.83

Sevilla, Spain travel spending - Plaza España
Plaza España in Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla has a bus system, a metro line, and a tram line, but we didn’t use any of them. The three systems aren’t connected, so you have to buy separate tickets if you need to switch from one to another. And even switching from one bus to another requires two separate tickets. Every time we had to go somewhere and looked at the bus routes, it was going to take us just as long as it would to walk, so we chose walking.

We paid 12 euros (about $13.68) for a taxi from the train station to the apartment on the day we arrived since it was too far to walk and not worth the headache to figure out a bus. Another day when we were across town, we got a taxi for 6 euros (about $6.84) because we just didn’t feel up to walking from where we were.

The remaining $32.31 was for two bus tickets from Sevilla to Granada, the next stop on our trip through southern Spain.

Total Sevilla food and alcohol costs – $369.37

Sevilla Spain travel expenses - garlic shrimp
The tastiest, most garlic-y garlic shrimp I’ve ever had

Like with Malaga, we ate out more often than we originally planned to in Sevilla. The kitchen in the apartment was just too small for us to want to cook much, there were cheap and delicious tapas within a minute or two from our apartment, and we met up with friends several times for meals.

Luckily eating out in Sevilla doesn’t have to break the bank. We ate dinner for less than $20 one night, while another night with a few extra drinks was about $32. Of course, we offset those we a few nights when we drank a bit more. But if you’re traveling to Sevilla on a budget, you can easily get a few tapas and drinks and not go overboard.

Our food and alcohol expenses in Sevilla came out to about $52.76 per day, or $26.38 per person per day.

Total Sevilla activities expenses – $207.48

how much we spent in Sevilla Spain food tour
No food tour in Spain is complete without jamon iberico

Since we visited Sevilla a few years ago, we didn’t need to go back to the big sights. If it’s your first visit, you should definitely go to the cathedral and climb the tower, walk around Plaza España, and visit the Alcazar. The entrance fees are inexpensive, and Plaza España is free.

What we did spend money on was a food tour, our favorite travel activity. We booked the Devour Tapas, Taverns, and History food tour because I had already taken one of their tours, and I knew they’d be good.

On this tour, we sampled jamon iberico (high quality Spanish ham), sweet vermouth, manchego cheese, croquettes, orange wine (which was so good I went back a few days later and bought a bottle), a variety of other local wines, and tons of other local specialties. We ended the night with a table full of local tapas and wine.

Our guide gave us the history of the food we were eating and how it connects to the city. He showed us around the center of town with a local perspective, told us about the Jewish Quarter, and told us some quirky stories.

Andy and I had so much fun on this tour. Really, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a bad food tour, but this one was particularly wonderful. I highly recommend booking it for your first or second day in Sevilla because it will help you understand what to order and where to eat during your trip.

For more info and to book the Devour Sevilla food tour we took, click here.
Sevilla Spain travel costs food tour
We really enjoyed our Sevilla food tour!

Sevilla is still one of my favorite cities in Spain. It’s gorgeous and lively and laid back. The food is delicious and the people are friendly. It’s one of the few places I continue to enjoy enough for repeat visits.

Andy and I averaged $165.80 per day, or $82.90 per person per day, for one week in Sevilla, Spain.

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