How Much We Spent in Almeria, Spain for 2 Days

While planning our month in Spain, Andy and I reached out to some friends we’ve only known online who live in southern Spain. We wanted to finally meet them in person, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Based on where I thought they lived, I suggested we meet up in Almeria. It turns out they didn’t live where I thought they lived, and we planned a couple days in Granada instead. But Andy and I were already intrigued by Almeria, its castle, and the fact that it looked to be a bit under the radar. So we went anyway. Here’s how much we spent in Almeria for two days.

how much we spent in Almeria Spain for 2 days
Almeria, Spain was a wonderful surprise

Total Almeria expenses

Amounts are listed in euros and US dollars.

125.12€ / $142.64 – accommodation
45.62€ / $52.01 – transportation
168.13€ / $191.67 – food and alcohol
0€ / $0 – activities
338.87€ / $386.32 – total

This does not include the cost of our bus from Granada to Almeria.

Total Almeria hotel costs – $142.64

Like with Granada, we decided to book a hotel instead of an Airbnb for our two nights in Almeria. We weren’t going to be working, and we had no interest in trying to cook during such a short stay, so a hotel made more sense. Our hotel was in the center of town, so it was easy to walk just about everywhere. For 2 nights in Almeria, we spent $71.32 per night, or $35.66 per person per night.

where to stay in Almeria Spain
Our hotel room in Almeria was kind of generic, but those beds were so comfy!

Where to stay in Almeria, Spain

We stayed at Hotel Nuevo Torreluz in Almeria for two nights. Our room was pretty simple and might have even needed a little decor update, but it was spacious. The beds were some of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on. I slept so well there, I wished we were able to stay longer than two nights. This is reason enough for me to book there again if we ever return to Almeria.

The hotel was also right in the center of town, so it was easy for us to walk just a few minutes and find lots of choices for restaurants. It was also just a couple minutes from one of the main shopping streets, a big grocery store, and a really great indoor fresh market.

Check out reviews on TripAdvisor or book a room on

Total Almeria transportation costs – $52.01

Andy and I didn’t use any public transport while in Almeria because everything we needed was within walking distance. However, we did get a taxi from the bus station to the hotel and back again at the end of our stay. The biggest part of our transport costs in Almeria was a little over $38 for our bus tickets from Almeria to Cartagena.

how much does it cost to go to Almeria Spain
Almeria was where I first learned about RAF tomatoes. They’re from this region, and they are FANTASTIC!

Total Almeria food and alcohol costs – $191.67

While exploring Almeria, we discovered that the city was named Spain’s gastronomy capital for 2019. We somehow stumbled into this city we had never heard of, and it turns out it was known for amazing food. Unfortunately we only had two days there, but we did our best.

On our first day, we went wandering to look for lunch and saw a tapas bar packed with people. We took it as a good sign and went in. It was unassuming, laid back yet lively, and we found out it was the oldest tapas restaurant in the city. The simple but tasty food had us hooked, and we ate all three of our lunches there. We even purposely booked our bus tickets out of town for the afternoon so we could first have lunch at Casa Puga.

Other than that, we found a trendier tapas bar we liked for dinner. It made for a good balance between traditional and modern. We also enjoyed quite a few drinks during our two nights in Almeria.

For two days in Almeria, we spent about $95.84 per day, or $47.92 per person per day, on food and alcohol. But keep in mind that was three lunches and two dinners, plus drinks and snacks, so it was maybe slightly more than two days.

Almeria travel expenses
Cheese, honey, and almonds at the more modern tapas bar in Almeria

Total Almeria activities expenses – $0

The thing that originally drew us to Almeria was its castle. The alcazaba sits high on a hill and overlooks the city, and from the pictures, it looked pretty impressive. So that was the one thing on our list when we arrived.

After walking up the steep path, we got to a ticket booth, but the person there was just asking where we were from for survey purposes. Entrance was actually free, so that was a nice bonus. I highly recommend checking out this fortress if you visit Almeria.

The city itself is also pretty, and it’s nice to simply wander and take it all in. There were several plazas, a cathedral, and museums. I also recommend walking through the indoor fresh market, even if you don’t need to buy anything, because it was an impressive place.

Almeria travel costs
Almeria castle

Almeria surprised us. It was a mistake that led us to researching it at all, and pictures of the castle convinced us to go even when we realized our error. But it was the food that really hooked us in and made us fall in love with this city. If you’re looking for someplace a little off the tourist trail, definitely check it out.

For two days in Almeria, Spain, we spent $193.16 per day, or $96.58 per person per day, for all of our travel expenses.

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