My 200th Post: A Trip Down Memory Lane

That’s right, this is my 200th post! So I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane with some of my favorite photos. A lot has happened in 200 posts (especially since I didn’t post very often when I first started blogging) and I’ve seen many more places than I could’ve imagined when I decided to start this blog.

The first trip I took after starting my blog was when I accomplished my goal of making it to all seven continents before my 30th birthday. I traveled to Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and several stops in Australia.

Hong Kong outdoor Buddha

kangaroos Australia

I took a Spanish class in Quito, Ecuador for a week, where I got to stand on the equator and eat cuy.

Quito, Ecuador, equator and cuy

Before going to Quito, I met Andy through Twitter and started to fall in love with him. We finally met in person in Prague during a cold weekend in November.

Prague, Andy and Ali

After a stressful few months of selling my things, Andy and I got married and I moved to Freiburg, Germany.

Andy and Ali wedding

Andy and I took a few trips last summer before I headed out on a five month round the world trip. That was something I dreamed about for years, and even though it wasn’t anything like I imagined, it was still a great trip in many ways.

RTW photos

Andy and I finally took our honeymoon to Turkey in the spring. Turkey is now on my short list of favorite countries because it was so wonderful.

Turkey: Cappadocia, Ephesus, Istanbul

This summer we visited Brussels, Carcassonne, Andorra, Barcelona, and Portugal.

Brussels, Belgium flower carpet

Lisbon at night

And these are just a few of my travel memories over almost three years! It’s been a lot of fun running this blog, and I hope to continue improving it and adding more stories. Even though this blog is about my experiences, ultimately I love to encourage others to travel. I love getting your comments and emails, and I’m so appreciative of all of you who keep coming back to read my blog! Join me for another 200 posts?

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