How Much We Spent in Alicante, Spain for One Week

Alicante was the last stop on our trip to southern Spain. It’s another coastal town popular with beach goers and has an active nightlife. I didn’t know much about the city before we started planning this trip, and I was pleasantly surprised at how lively it felt. It still wasn’t one of our favorites for a long term winter stay, but it’s a great place for a vacation. Take a look at how much we spent in Alicante, Spain for one week.

travel costs for one week in Alicante Spain
Views of Alicante, Spain from Santa Barbara Castle

Total Alicante expenses

Amounts are listed in euros and US dollars.

579.64€ / $660.79 – accommodation
17.00€ / $19.38 – transportation
278.97€ / $318.03 – food and alcohol
5.40€ / $6.16 – activities
881.01€ / $1,004.36 – total

This does not include the cost of our train tickets from Cartagena to Alicante or our flight back to Berlin.

Total Alicante lodging costs – $660.79

how much we spent in Alicante Spain apartment
Lots of windows in the apartment in Alicante

For one week in Alicante, we found an apartment in the center of town right on a small plaza. It was just one block over from the water (though a few more blocks to the actual beach) and one block the other direction from Calle San Francisco, this weird colorful pedestrian street with giant mushroom statues on it. We spent $94.40 per night, or $47.20 per person per night, for one week in Alicante.

Where to stay in Alicante, Spain

We rented this apartment through Airbnb. (If you’re new to Airbnb, click here for a credit towards your first booking, and I’ll get one too.)

This apartment was a second home for the couple who owned it, so they occasionally stayed there themselves. That made a huge difference, because when the owners actually stay in the place, they set it up properly. I can’t tell you how many apartments we’ve rented that are probably fine for a couple of days but not fully functional to actually live in for any amount of time.

So this apartment made me happy. The kitchen was well stocked with all the equipment we needed to cook and eat in. The table was fantastic for both eating and working. Plus there was a desk, though neither of us felt the need to use it. The furniture was all comfortable throughout the apartment, and the bathroom was nice.

where to stay in Alicante Spain
The bathroom in the Alicante apartment

The apartment had tons of natural light because it was windows everywhere. It was gorgeous. The one downside to this was that the curtains really only shielded for privacy and did not block out the street lights at night. The bedroom “door” was really a big sliding wall that was semi-transparent, so you couldn’t see people or whatever through it, but it let in all the light.

So the bedroom always felt super bright at night from the street lights. We had trouble sleeping because of this, but no one else mentioned it in the reviews, so either we’re really sensitive or we’re the only people in the world who don’t like sleep masks.

In any case, it was an absolutely wonderful apartment aside from that issue, and I would recommend staying there.

Total Alicante transportation costs – $19.38

how much does it cost to go to Alicante Spain - Calle San Francisco
Calle San Francisco in Alicante

The train station in Alicante was reasonably close to the center of town and where we were staying, so we walked to our apartment the day we arrived. Everything we wanted to do while we were in Alicante was within walking distance, but there is a bus system if you want to go farther out from the center.

The only transportation cost we had in Alicante was a taxi to the airport on our last day. There is a bus that goes to the airport, but it would’ve taken a lot longer and we just didn’t want the hassle.

Total Alicante food and alcohol costs – $318.03

Alicante Spain travel costs - tapas
Ham and cheese plate in Alicante

With such a great kitchen setup in this apartment, we were much more willing to cook. There was a small grocery store near our apartment, the Corte Ingles (big department store with a big grocery section located in every Spanish city of somewhat reasonable size) was within walking distance, and there was a pretty large indoor fresh market the other direction.

Of course, we did eat out quite a bit too. There were a few decent tapas bars nearby, though still not as good as tapas bars in Malaga or Sevilla. We also ate Thai food a couple of times, splurged on a big breakfast at a cafe once, and had plenty of drinks throughout the week. Eating and drinking out in Alicante felt a little more expensive than in the other cities we visited on our trip, so it was good to offset that by cooking some meals.

If you’re looking for a good cafe in Alicante, I highly recommend Madness. They roast their own coffee beans and have good quality coffee specialties. They also have interesting craft beer, cocktails, and other creative drinks, plus a good breakfast menu. We went in several times and enjoyed the atmosphere.

For one week in Alicante, we spent about $45.43 per day, or $22.72 per person per day, on food and alcohol.

Total Alicante activities expenses – $6.16

I love castles, so they are usually number one on my list of things to do in any city we visit. The Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante is free to go in, but it’s very high up on a hill. If you don’t have a car to drive up there, the next best option is to take the elevator, which has a small fee. This was the only tourist activity we paid for in Alicante, and it was worth the small price.

The castle is mostly in ruins but still in good shape, with lots of outdoor sections offering views of Alicante and the surrounding areas. Bring lots of water because it gets hot up there!

how much money do you need to travel in Alicante Spain - Santa Barbara Castle
Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante

Alicante definitely has its appeal. If you’re a beach person, they’ve got you covered here. If you enjoy going out at night, there are lots of bars and clubs. The city as a whole has a very lively atmosphere, and yet we were able to find some quiet pockets by wandering a little ways from the main streets. I think it makes a great vacation destination for a few days or even a week if you really want some relaxation time.

Overall, Andy and I averaged about $143.48 per day, or $71.74 per person per day, for one week in Alicante, Spain.

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