Pictures of Queenstown From Above

The day after Andy landed in Auckland, we boarded a plane to Queenstown. We thought Queenstown would be a fun place to spend New Year’s but we couldn’t find a room New Year’s, so we decided to go there for Christmas instead. Queenstown is known for extreme adventures, such as bungy jumping, jet boating, skydiving, white water rafting, and much more. Even though I did go skydiving once in college, and loved it, neither of us have any desire to do any of these crazy activities. We wanted to see the scenery Queenstown is also famous for, spend a fun Christmas together, and our Milford Sound trip started there.

We spent our first day, Christmas Eve, admiring Queenstown’s landscape from above where it looks like the mountains go on forever. This one was taken from above the town when our airport shuttle driver decided to pull over so we could all admire the view.

We took the gondola up to Bob’s Peak (yes, it’s really called that) for a different view of Queenstown from above. This one is from while we were still in the gondola.

Even though we didn’t participate, we still got a close up view of others experiencing some extreme sports.

Andy and I wandered around up top for a few minutes and got some great pictures before the skies opened up and it started pouring.

We spent a long time strolling through the gift shop avoiding the rain. These are just a few of the hilarious items they had for sale.

We tried to wait out the rain, but eventually we gave up and took the gondola back down to the town. Even in the rain, Queenstown was a gorgeous town of mountains.